Philosophy: Moral Problems was one of the LAS protocol classes that my cohort took together. This always proves to make the class even more interesting than it already could have been. Our professor, Gary Fuller, was one of the most interesting proffessors I have ever had at CMU. This class was full of controversial topics which my classmates had some great ideas and opinions, but also some questionable views that I respected. 

My favorite part of the class was giving a presentation about a topic that was discussed in class. The topic I was given was torture. I was lucky enough to be in a group with my roommate the previous year and one of my best friend Chase, which made the presentation very easy and relaxed. Of course we killed it(not being cocky but in reality we did) and our professor loved our presentation.  

I enjoyed how this class challenged any views that you may have had coming into it. Many topics, that are normally tough to talk about in person, were heavily debated. I will continue to challenge ideas now that I have taken this class. 


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