Launching into Leadership

This year I was lucky enough to have participated in Leadership Launch as my LEAD Team. I am very involved with Special Olympics on campus, so I was blessed to be given another opportunity to get more involved with the community. This was a big year for Leadership Launch and Special Olympics. We really put an emphasis on having our own ideas implemented and to take a big step in development of the event. The event was a huge success as it was recognized by the higher ups in the Special Olympics Organization.

I was lucky enough to be able to hangout with an awesome group of students throughout the day. Participants included students and partners from high schools all around Michigan. We went around to different rooms participating in various leadership and critical thinking activities. I really feel that the students took a lot from the day and enjoyed their time. Personally, I was able to learn a lot from the students. They always had very thoughtful things to say in the activities and personal experiences. It was also great to run small group activities and reflection. You can never have too much practice in those skills. I am very excited to see the direction Leadership Launch takes in the future and I hope to be apart of it next year.Leadership Launch