Winter Games Part 2

I have done a lot of volunteering this year, but this specific opportunity always stands out as one of the most influential events. I was once again given the opportunity to volunteer at the Winter Special Olympics in Traverse City. This was my second year in a row participating. I was once again able to volunteer on the slopes at Schuss Mountain. I will never get tired of watching the athletes perform so well in all of their events. This is emphasized when I go down the hill on my skis and cannot come close to being as skilled and smooth as all of the athletes.

Although I believe the ski hills are the best event, nothing beats the Opening and Closing Ceremony. It is great having all the volunteers form a walk way that all of the athletes run through with pure joy as they are cheered on and given copious amounts of high fives. The Closing Ceremony is then followed by a huge dance party with the athletes, which despite the sweat, will never tire me out. The Winter Special Olympics is the most gratifying volunteer experience I have been able to participate in. I am already looking forward to next year and maybe even switching up my event.


Great friends and even better volunteering.


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