This right here is a page… well, about me!! And who am I?Me at Retreat Well I am Luke John Steffke. I am currently a student at the fabulous Central Michigan University. My Major is Mechanical Engineering because I am odd and love math and I am a huge nerd at times. I was born in Ohio but raise most of my life in Trenton, Michigan a.k.a “Trenton on the River.” I believe that every person is important and a positive attitude is the key to success. I consider myself a leader and most of the qualities are due to years of playing competitive team sports like Football and Basketball. There is no better feeling than camaraderie.

I love people and am super caring and thoughtful. I enjoy playing all sports and anything active and am very passionate about my sports teams(unfortunately Detroit teams because they are hard to watch), but I also enjoy a good video game with friends. I absolutely love dogs and my favorite color is maroon, big surprise I know(Fire Up Chips). The Sandlot is my favorite movie and I am a little obsessed with Sushi. Do not be shy, feel free to add me on Facebook or the Twittershpere:@LukeJS_35.


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