Theory of Application

I was given a task to think of a leadership theory that goes along with the LAS protocol. After giving little thought, it hit me. Adaptive leadership and LAS in the D. As I sit here typing in my bright orange “LAS in Detroit” shirt, everything about the trip applies. The trip motto was willow, go with the flow.  I mean the trip started with us taking back roads to get the bus fixed unknowingly. Walking into a small gym with a group of Jalen Rose students sitting in the corning staring at us. Instantly, adaptive leaders sprung into action. They saw the situation we were in. Yes we were all nervous, but a small few started to mingle in an attempt to break the ice. I guarantee they were not expecting the situation. Groups had less students than many thought. That did not stop us from getting everyone excited. Students got bored of activities with time left before switching. Then later in the day visiting the DIA, a new place to many. Sleeping on the floor at the Adventure Center.

Adversity is bound to pop up in so many situations. It will not always suit to your personal leadership style. An adaptive leader is able to make adjustments depending on the situation they are in. This is not an easy quality to obtain. Some people naturally adapt to situations while others need to constantly step out of their comfort zone to be an effective leader. A true leader is equipped with this skill.

Personally, I realize the faults I have with adapting to situations. Stepping out of a comfort zone can occasionally be the toughest thing to do. No one is the perfect leader. Even the best leaders are always seeking new skills and overcoming challenges. The minute someone stops trying to adapt is the exact moment they are not an effective leader. It is essential to learn the Adaptive Leadership theory as it is critical to all leaders. LAS as a whole had some trouble during the service trip, but we never stopped facing diversity and overcoming it despite our comfort zone. That is the sign of true leaders that are focused on helping others and becoming the best leader possible.