Leadership Philosophy

Leadership Philosophy can vary depending on the person. Everyone has a unique style. My Leadership Philosophy is similar to a direct leader where I am direct with what needs to be done to be efficient and successful but also to maintain a strong relationship with the group. I feel that there is a stereotype for leadership that you must be loud and powerful to be a leader. Leaders come in many different styles. I cannot come up and stand in front of a large group and give a “RA RA” type speech, but not all great leaders need to do that to be moving.

I believe the best way to have success in leading is to be on a friend basis with everyone so that you come off as a peer and make everyone around you comfortable. In a leadership role I expect everyone to put in all of their effort. I want the same effort that I am putting in. This also goes along with putting yourself in others’ shoes. I think how I would want a leader to act, and I try to hold myself to those standards. Every member should feel that they hold importance in the group. Transformational leadership is one that I try to reflect in my own daily life and events.

There are many influential leaders of today, but there are two men that I have read about and have nothing but respect for these men and what they do. Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow, who feeds children around the world with his program Mary’s Meals and is a quiet father of seven, is a great leader to admire. Also Brian Chesky, who thrives to build community with his startup Airbnb, is easy to relate with and a fantastic leader. I enjoy reading about young leaders that make big differences in the world and people who defeat the odds and inspire others.

There are so many roles one can gain a leadership role in. That is the great thing about leadership. People thrive in different situations and have different talents which opens up many people being able to lead. In most cases, a leader is decided by who takes action and first gets the trust and attention out of a group. Whoever can grab the attention of a group will usually take the lead, and as time goes by others will stand out in various situations. Leadership is a beautiful thing and is filled with people of many different backgrounds and experiences. There is a spot in leadership for anyone seeking it, you need the will and want to make a change and convince others to do the same.