“Discover You. Find your passion, life purpose, and take action.”

Passion will take you far in life. I feel that I am a passionate person and will use that to change the world big or small to be a better place. I have not yet found my true passion in life, but i know it is out there and if I continuously put myself out there and strive to be the best it will fall in my lap.

One thing I do know is that I love to meet knew people and hear their stories. I hope to be able to have an effect on every person I come into contact with. Of course I am passionate about being a leader,  but I am also very passionate about my sports, particularly Football and Basketball. Sports introduced me to working hard for what I want, being able to work as a team, and volunteering in the community to make a difference. Most importantly, family is number one to me and will always come first.

The picture to the left is my parents and I on Senior Night. To the right is a picture from an event  my High School ran called Victory Day where each Varsity Football player got to help a kid with special needs live his dream of playing Football.