Intro to Debate

One of the classes that is required by LAS protocol and also contributes to the Leadership minor is Intro to Debate(COM267L).  I would not necesarilly call myself a natural at debate. My only prior experience was arguing with friends about sports, so it was safe to say I was coming in with low expectations. The class was taught by Dr. Kai, an interesting man and teacher, but unlike many other students I enjoyed him.

Since I did not know much about actual Debate, I learned a good amount of information. We started off with learning about Policy debate. We spent a long time on preparing and learning the flow of a debate. We all got partners for the first debate and I was lucky enough to be paired with Jordyn Imhoff. We worked well together in this process and I think did well in the debate. Our next rounds of debate were one-on-one and we did not know our position or the actual question until entering the classroom. We had three of these styled debates and in my opinion I enjoyed these the most. It was interesting not knowing where each debate was gonna go and how everyone would perform under pressure. In debate I learned what a fallacy is and how to spot them out in a debate and how to flow a debate.

COM267L taught me to take an opinion on what is going on in our country and how to come up with arguments on the spot. I believe this ability will allow me to question more things that are happening around me which can lead to more meaningful conversations. I think this is a great trait for a leader to have. Stand by what you believe in, but also to listen to the opinions of others.


We dressed up as Dr. Kai himself for Halloween