Level Up: Alternative Breaks

I have no doubt found another home at CMU and that is with the Alternative Breaks Program. I decided to take my involvement to another level this year by becoming a Site Leader. A Site Leader is in charge of running 8 weekly meetings and leading 10 participants to volunteer with an organization in a community in the U.S. This position also requires speaking with the housing and service partners, handling the money for food and gas, and running reflections with the group. I was lucky enough to have lead a week-long break during Spring Break to Tallahassee, Fl., lead a break for Marine Life to Muskegon, Mi, and been a participant on Community Restoration in New Jersey.

I was able to work with organization like the Saint Bernard Project, Ability 1st, and Darling Cetaceans. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to work with each of these organizations. I was able to learn a lot about the effects of Hurricane Sandy that hit the east coast, issues facing marine life all around the country, and was able to assist the special needs community in Tallahassee. Alternative Breaks has made such a large impact in my life over the past two years and I would not trade it for the world.  I am proud that it is one of my involvements at CMU. I am excited for what next year will hold as I will be once again taking on the role of site leader.


PSC 105L

     I never expected myself to enjoy a political science class as much as I do. To be completely honest, I have learned the most in this class than any other class in college. The professor, Thomas Stewart, was one of the most interesting men, and great teachers I have had in college. He gives the Dos Eques actor a run for his money. He has so much knowledge that he simply brings up off the top of his head that I feel like I know absolutely nothing about politics. 

     I was never very knowledgeable or cared about politics in high school. Ever since I have been at college my interest has slowly increased. It started with the amount of my friends that talked about politics on a regular basis. Slowly, I started paying more and more attention to what they were saying and what was happening around the world. I now find myself keeping close attention to politics, having an intelligent opinion and ability to keep a conversation on the subject, and showing honest interest. I am very happy with the knowledge I have gained and will continue to learn about the subject. 

     I am very happy that I was able to take this class. This was an LAS class, but we only ended up with 7 of us in the class. It has been really cool to take this class with a small, close-knit group. We had an assignment where we came up with a plan to reduce the tension between cops and the black community. We ended up competing at an extra credit summit and winning. I have learned so much in this class and will be able to be more knowledgeable in the future when it comes to politics.