Lead Team: Relay For Life

Every year, freshman and sophomore Leader advancement Scholars are required to be on a LEAD team. LEAD teams are offered by the Leadership Institute and gives us a chance to get involved around campus with our fellow Scholars. Special Olympics, Relay for Life, Competition Day, and LAS in the D are some examples of the teams we can join at the beginning of the year when we fill out a list of our top wanted teams. I was lucky enough to be chosen to the Relay for Life LEAD team. Relay for Life is close to my heart and important to me on a personal level because of the effects cancer has had on my family. My mom is a Breast Cancer survivor and both of my grandparents fought a long, hard battle and passed away from cancer so it is something that I feel strongly about. 

We had to be pretty involved with this LEAD team. We met for meetings on most Mondays throughout the semester. The first thing to do was create a team and start getting donations. A $10 donation was required to join which helped us invest into the team. We set a goal of $1000 but eventually increased it because we exceeded the amount with a couple weeks left before the event. To earn more money we hosted an on campus event and had a Buffalo Wild Wings fundraiser. Our on campus event was “Pie an LI” which was a lot of fun but also raised money for a good cause. I myself got pied in the face which was interesting to say the least but also a ton of fun. We ended up exceeding our goal of earnings which is always a great accomplishment.

The event took place on Saturday, April 9th at the indoor track. Many things were going on during the event with an honoring of survivors early in the event, lip sync battles, and slam poet the Asia Project.  Every table has a game or food that they sell to make money on sight. We chose to sell cold pop and have a trivia type game. The pop was a hit and we earned quite a bit of money. At the end of the event, after we cleaned up all the tables, all of the earnings were added up and all of the teams together raised $55,000 in total. Our team was the second most donated team! Being apart of a LEAD team is a great opportunity to improve on teamwork and have a goal to work for. Teamwork is a vital part of being a good leader and I cannot wait to be apart of another team next year.


Impactful Leaders of Today

I am here to talk about someone that I believe is current leader in our society. I am going to talk about the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the General Motor Company, Mary Barra. Mary has been in this position since January of 2014 and is the first female CEO of a major global automaker. Anytime a female takes a large leadership position, especially one that has not been done before, is a monumental moment in our nation’s history.

Mary  Barra is a tremendous leader. Not only does she inspire people with her accomplishments, but she also beats adversity. Her first year at the helm of GM proved to be very challenging. The company had many setbacks, but Mary just kept at it. She was able to lay out her plan for the future of the company that shows a bright future. A true leader can handle tough situations, figure out ways to solve problems, and look to the future with confidence.

People will automatically look up to someone in that position of power. It takes guts and hard work to break the mold in our society and for that people should look up to her. Any female can look at her and be confident that they can do whatever they chose in life through perseverance. No stage is too big. As a Mechanical Engineering major, Mary Barra most definitely inspires me. She was able to overcome numerous obstacles to get in the position she now holds. This gives me hope that with hard work and integrity, I myself can get a high stature job at a large company such as General Motors. Mary Barra has many great leadership qualities, added with her high stature, that many idolize.



The face and CEO of General Motors, Mary Barra


As apart of the LAS protocol we have two classes we take as a cohort our first semester and Intro to Psychology(PSY100L) is one of them. Our professor was Dr. Prewett and even though lectures were not the most exciting I think he did a good job teaching the class. I had previously taken Psychology courses in High School and had an interest, so I was excited to take the class.

There was a lot of information given out in PSY100L and I think i came out of the class with a good amount. In my career field I will not need to remember all of the small info learned in this class. However, I enjoyed and find useful  how Psychology and Leadership can link together.

I think the information learned in this class with Leadership can help in the future. It never hurts to understand how people think and how to lead people so that you have an impact on them whether big or small.

Intro to Debate

One of the classes that is required by LAS protocol and also contributes to the Leadership minor is Intro to Debate(COM267L).  I would not necesarilly call myself a natural at debate. My only prior experience was arguing with friends about sports, so it was safe to say I was coming in with low expectations. The class was taught by Dr. Kai, an interesting man and teacher, but unlike many other students I enjoyed him.

Since I did not know much about actual Debate, I learned a good amount of information. We started off with learning about Policy debate. We spent a long time on preparing and learning the flow of a debate. We all got partners for the first debate and I was lucky enough to be paired with Jordyn Imhoff. We worked well together in this process and I think did well in the debate. Our next rounds of debate were one-on-one and we did not know our position or the actual question until entering the classroom. We had three of these styled debates and in my opinion I enjoyed these the most. It was interesting not knowing where each debate was gonna go and how everyone would perform under pressure. In debate I learned what a fallacy is and how to spot them out in a debate and how to flow a debate.

COM267L taught me to take an opinion on what is going on in our country and how to come up with arguments on the spot. I believe this ability will allow me to question more things that are happening around me which can lead to more meaningful conversations. I think this is a great trait for a leader to have. Stand by what you believe in, but also to listen to the opinions of others.


We dressed up as Dr. Kai himself for Halloween