“Hey Mom I Got To Meet the President!”

Another great advantage of being apart of LAS is that we got to meet President Ross. He came into our LDR 100 class taught by Dan Gaken every monday evening. President Ross is a strong advocate and beleives Central Michigan should be a strong advocate of leaders. This is why one of his quotes is “At the end of the day, CMU graduates leaders”. I love how invested he is in leadership and took the time to meet with us. How can you not be excited to hear from the man that runs your school.

President Ross told us his life story and you would not expect that a man of his stature had come from nothing to where he is now. Just by him speaking it was evident that he loved CMU and he even said how he intends to spend the rest of his academic career here. We had the oppurtinity to ask him questions. We went on to hear him tell how he looked up to his Dad with how hard he worked to provide for his family and how even when his Mom was sick she still cared for others.

I highly enjoyed our visit with President Ross. It is truly awesome that we get these kind of oppurtunites in LAS. It is great to hear from a man of this caliber and to hear where he came from to be at the point he is now being the President of the wonderful Central Michigan University.


President Ross himself