HST110LWI/History: American Experience

History: American Experience is definitely a course that made me challenge myself. History is my least favorite subject. The class consisted of many vocabulary quizzes, 2 short papers, two short answer Tests, and a 10-12 page final paper. I wouldn’t particularly say I am a bad writer, I would just rather do math problems(reasons for being an engineering major). I made the best of my time in the class writing my research paper on Jackie Robinson who has always sparked my interest. I did not learn too many new things about American History, but I definitely got to challenge myself and work on my writing and research skills.This being the leadership version of HST 110 varies the class a little bit. We would often talk about the leaders of America throughout the years. The thing I got out most of this is that while many of the leaders had similar qualities, they also had many differences that added to the type of leader they were. This shows that leaders come in many different sizes, backgrounds, and styles. Many of our nation’s leaders came from serving in leadership roles in the army or with state governments. I enjoyed learning more about some of the most influential leaders like Martin Luther King Jr., Alexander Hamilton, and Thomas Jefferson.




As apart of the LAS protocol we have two classes we take as a cohort our first semester and Intro to Psychology(PSY100L) is one of them. Our professor was Dr. Prewett and even though lectures were not the most exciting I think he did a good job teaching the class. I had previously taken Psychology courses in High School and had an interest, so I was excited to take the class.

There was a lot of information given out in PSY100L and I think i came out of the class with a good amount. In my career field I will not need to remember all of the small info learned in this class. However, I enjoyed and find useful  how Psychology and Leadership can link together.

I think the information learned in this class with Leadership can help in the future. It never hurts to understand how people think and how to lead people so that you have an impact on them whether big or small.

Intro to Debate

One of the classes that is required by LAS protocol and also contributes to the Leadership minor is Intro to Debate(COM267L).  I would not necesarilly call myself a natural at debate. My only prior experience was arguing with friends about sports, so it was safe to say I was coming in with low expectations. The class was taught by Dr. Kai, an interesting man and teacher, but unlike many other students I enjoyed him.

Since I did not know much about actual Debate, I learned a good amount of information. We started off with learning about Policy debate. We spent a long time on preparing and learning the flow of a debate. We all got partners for the first debate and I was lucky enough to be paired with Jordyn Imhoff. We worked well together in this process and I think did well in the debate. Our next rounds of debate were one-on-one and we did not know our position or the actual question until entering the classroom. We had three of these styled debates and in my opinion I enjoyed these the most. It was interesting not knowing where each debate was gonna go and how everyone would perform under pressure. In debate I learned what a fallacy is and how to spot them out in a debate and how to flow a debate.

COM267L taught me to take an opinion on what is going on in our country and how to come up with arguments on the spot. I believe this ability will allow me to question more things that are happening around me which can lead to more meaningful conversations. I think this is a great trait for a leader to have. Stand by what you believe in, but also to listen to the opinions of others.


We dressed up as Dr. Kai himself for Halloween